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M.A. Reviews: DCIGTH
zuko, dietotaku

It’s M.A. Reviews Monday again! Today, I’d like to talk about Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell.

DCIGTH is the story of Darwin Carmichael. Darwin lives in a world where all kinds of magic is real: karma, mythical monsters, angels, you name it. Darwin is a nice guy, but, unfortunately, he did something stupid when he was a teenager, and now he’s got so much bad karma hanging over his head he’s basically screwed.  

Before we move on, I should warn you: this is most definitely a hipster webcomic. It’s not the bad kind of hipster-y in my opinion, but the art style and the story arcs might turn you off if you’re not into that.

Anyway, DCIGTH is, overall, a pretty fun read, mostly because of the characters. Darwin has a pet manticore named Skittles, who is centuries old but has the permanent mindset of a thirteen-year-old. He also has a weirdass best friend named Ella (who is responsible for most of the hipster-y shenanigans in the comic). The minor characters are all also very fun to read about, and they’re charming and fleshed out despite short scenes.

That being said, DCIGTH has no overarching plot. Or, if it does, it hasn’t appeared yet, and it’s been going for a few years. It’s basically a slice-of-life comic with fairies. If that’s not your thing, I wouldn’t recommend it.

The arcs are cute, though. There’s a particularly memorable one which relates Darwin’s history with Ella in parallel with Ella’s backstory; there’s also an odd story that revolves around Darwin’s encounter with some kind of ice spirit.

The art is also quite lovely. It starts out fairly simple, as per usual for webcomics, but even then it has a distinct style. As I said, it’s hipster-y, but it’s cute!hipster. Sort of like a children’s book. (Although DCIGTH does feature some nudity, which is just odd in this style.) The art picks up a few comics in, and the coloring takes on these lovely soft tones; it looks sort of like the entire thing has been drawn on construction paper.

The nice thing about DCIGTH is that it doesn’t require a lot of attention. You can forget it for a while and know you haven’t missed anything important if you come back. And it’s short enough that you can get through the entire archives in an afternoon. 


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