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Book #10: Mockingjay
zuko, dietotaku

(I know it’s Strong Woman Weekend, but I’ve had quite a long day, so I’m not up to it. Instead, have another book post.)

My tenth book is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. And, again, I like it better the first time around.

I think it’s hard not to be disappointed the first time you read this book, because so much of it is summary. I wanted scenes so bad it hurt. But the fact is that a lot of this book couldn’t be scenes. So much of it is Katniss recovering from this or that or training. And this book isn’t about bright, sweeping romance or even gore. It’s about dealing with trauma and horror, and Collins does that quite well, despite how terrible it all is.

The one thing I’ve always thought was perfect is Katniss’s break with Gale. I never liked Gale; this book shows why. Gale and Katniss are completely wrong for each other. I would have liked much more Peeta, of course, but the author can only do so much.

(I actually thought as I was reading that the series might have worked much better as a quartet than a trilogy—the structure of the books would have to change entirely, of course, but then she could have devoted one book to action and one book to recovery. Or something. But they’re fine the way they are. It just takes some time to get through.)


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